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Fully funded SunFields projects in Central Ontario
Fully funded SunFields projects in Central Ontario

In the spirit of co-operation among co-ops, Wintergreen and SolarShare  work together to develop solar projects in the Kingston area.

We have two 600 kW DC solar projects under the province’s Feed-in Tariff program built and ready to be connected to the grid this month(June 2017). We have also submitted several project applications in both Kingston and Frontenac County in the FIT 5 round of applications in October 2016.

Members of the Wintergreen and SolarShare Co-ops are invited to invest in SolarShare today for projects that are already operational.

About SolarShare

SolarShare makes it easy for Ontario investors to earn a reasonable return while doing something positive for the planet. SolarShare develops commercial-scale solar energy installations in Ontario. When you choose to invest, 100% of your funds will directly finance solar projects across the province. Click here for information on SolarShare projects that are already built and producing stable revenue streams.

Special Promotion

SolarShare projects convert energy from the sun into electricity.  20-year contracts with the provincial government pay for the electricity produced, and SolarShare pays it back to investors in the form of 5% Solar Bonds. Our SolarShare partners share our passion about bringing everyone in Ontario on board with renewable energy, and ending our reliance on polluting, climate damaging energy sources.

In celebration of the new partnership, SolarShare is waiving the $40 lifetime membership fee for Wintergreen members. Follow the “steps to invest,” and enter the promo code WGC. To learn more about SolarShare or visit, or call 1-866-560-9463.

FAQ’S For Wintergreen Co-op Members Interested in Buying SolarShare Solar Bonds

  1. Where do I get more info on Solar Bonds?

Visit the SolarShare website and send in a request to Solar Share for the investor’s package.

  1. Do I have to pay $40 to join SS Co-op?

No! Just fill in the code “WGC” on the application form.

  1. Will Wintergreen Co-op get any benefit when our members buy Solar Bonds?

Yes. Wintergreen Co-op will get a commission on all bonds that our members invest in with SolarShare. This will provide a major source of income to pay our Co-op’s operating expenses and run bond sales drives.

  1. Will my bonds be raising funds to pay for our Kingston-area solar projects?

Not at this time. For now, funds that WGC members invest with SolarShare will help finance other FIT projects that SolarShare has “in the pipeline.” If we are offered contracts for the Kingston FIT 3 projects, we expect they will be built in 2015 or 2016. Money invested in 2014 with SolarShare will be put into projects that are already underway.

  1. Are investments linked to a specific project?

No. Funds that our members invest in Solar Bonds will be backed by the whole basket of projects that SolarShare owns. This diversity of investments will provide more security for our members’ investments.