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a-path-to-sustainable-energy-by-2030_1In Ontario, all co-op shares are “par value” shares, meaning they retain their purchase price for the life of the share. At the present time, our membership share with voting rights has a par value of $100.


Click here to fill out a membership form online. You will be directed to our PayPal site for the $100* fee. If you’d rather pay by cheque, please send payment to: David Hahn, President, Wintergreen Co-op, 9874 Canoe Lake Rd., Godfrey, ON K0H 1T0.
* Membership fee reduced to $40 during our SolarShare bond campaign

Benefits of investment

Wintergreen Renewable Energy Co-op is committed to increasing widespread understanding of the social, environmental, and economic benefits of community participation in regional renewable energy initiatives.

Social Benefits

The projects, and the profits, will be owned by community members and other Ontario residents.

We will support community initiatives, including further environmental and educational efforts. Most important of all, community co-operation can help build a sense of pride and collective achievement.

Environmental Benefits

100_5237There are many environmental benefits. Some of these benefits include (1) a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, (2) education through local community meetings, environmental fairs, energy tours, and working with other local environmental groups, (3) building awareness and acceptance of renewable energy, and (4) creating a model of community-owned power.

Economic Benefits

TurbinesWhen you buy SolarShare bonds a stream of revenue will  returns to the Co-op that will allow the Co-op to pay expenses and help to develop new renewable energy projects in our region.

We are committed to employing local businesses and individuals where possible for development, construction and operations.

Privacy Statement

In the interest of protecting the rights and privacy of visitors to this site and to events related to our mission, the Wintergreen Renewable Energy Co-operative Ltd. has adopted the following policies.

The Wintergreen Renewable Energy Co-operative Ltd.will not collect any confidential or sensitive information from our members or participants to events without their knowledge and consent, and such information will be limited to that which is needed to properly service and support the wishes and requirements of our participants and members and prospective participants and members. Any information about our members and participants that is collected will be used only as necessary to support our members and mission and, unless required by law, will not be released to any third party for any reason.

The registration form for memberships and other events is the mechanism used to collect information from our members and participants. If you register as a member, attend an event, subscribe for news updates, or otherwise deal directly with the Wintergreen Renewable Energy Co-operative Ltd., your contact information and a transaction history will be retained by the Wintergreen Renewable Energy Co-operative Ltd. We will use this information to send you Wintergreen communications, such as e-mails and inform you of upcoming events.

We do not sell, rent, or donate your e-mail addresses and telephone numbers. You can remove yourself from the Wintergreen Co-op mailing list at any time by emailing with the term “unsubscribe” in the subject line.

If you have questions regarding our privacy policy, please contact us at or by mail at Wintergreen Renewable Energy Co-operative Ltd.

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