projectsWintergreen Renewable Energy Co-op has worked with an engineering firm to secure options to lease three properties in Kingston for 600kW AC ground mount projects. Our collaborator, SolarShare, has received contracts with the IESO (Independent Electricity Operator of Ontario) for two of them,  and these projects are being developed in the fall of 2016. The third project is being re-submitted in the FIT 5 round of applications in October 2016. We are working with our partners on further submissions of applications in Frontenac County in October as well.

 Solar Power

Solar power is a non-polluting, renewable resource. Solar cells require little maintenance and can last for many decades. Producing solar energy does not release greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, making it an ideal source of reliable energy for now and for the future.

Solar collection panels are made when silicon is mounted beneath non-reflective glass to produce panels, which then collect photons from the sun. This creates DC electrical power which flows into an inverter. The inverter transforms the power into the basic voltage and AC electrical power.


For information on other co-ops, please check out our friends at the Ottawa Renewable Energy Cooperative and our partners at TREC.

Solarshare solar panel installation
Toronto Renewable Energy Co-op Roof Installation