Who We Are

Wintergreen Renewable Energy Co-operative Board of Directors


who we are
David Hahn, President

David Hahn, President and Founding Director

David has been a champion of renewable energy for 40 years. He built his own highly insulated passive solar home when he and his family moved to Bedford Township in the 1980s. He now owns a 10 KW solar photovoltaic grid tied system under the MicroFit program. David’s greatest passions center around community involvement in all its manifestations – culture, education, renewable energy, and locally produced food.



Wayne Myles, Vice-President

Wayne Myles, Vice-President and Founding Director

Wayne is  the former Director of Queen’s University International Centre (QUIC) at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario. Over the past 40 years Wayne has focused his energies on working in the field of international and intercultural education. This journey has taken Wayne away from Kingston to live for extended periods in Japan, England, Zambia, and Indonesia. Currently Wayne sits on the Board of the Buck Lake Association as the Chair of the Friends of the Lake Committee.



Wolfe Erlichman, Secretary-Treasurer

Wolfe Erlichman, Secretary-Treasurer and Founding Director

Wolfe Erlichman is retired and lives on a farm with a 10 KWH Micro-Fit solar installation in South Frontenac. Wolfe has a Masters of Social Work specializing in community work (U of T, ‘68), and worked as a planner for the City of Toronto in the late 70′s. Wolfe also owned and ran a printing business in Toronto, and helped start a retail food co-operative.



Dave Jackson
Dave Jackson, Director

David Jackson, Founding Director

Dave Jackson is an affordable housing developer based in Kingston. He has developed over 1000 units of co-operative housing, and serves as the President of the Kingston Not-for-Profit Housing Association. In Dec. 2011 he was elected as Chair of the City of Kingston Housing and Homelessness Advisory Committee. Dave is a Trustee of the Limestone District School Board for Portsmouth and Trillium Districts, and a research lead for the Social Planning Council of Kingston and District.


Rena Upitis
Rena Upitis, Director

Rena Upitis, Founding Director

Queen’s professor Rena Upitis designed and now manages the off-grid educational retreat centre called Wintergreen Studios. Educated at Queen’s and Harvard, Rena became interested in sustainable building practices as a post-doctoral candidate at MIT in the mid-1980s. A passion for renewable energy followed; for the past 20 years, she has been designing structures that encompass green building techniques and green energy.




Wintergreen Renewable Energy Co-operative Advisors


screen-shot-2016-11-14-at-4-55-43-pmJustin Connidis

Justin Connidis joined the Board of Directors at the 2016 AGM. Justin is Counsel to Dickinson Wright LLP (Toronto office) and an Adjunct Professor at Queen’s University (Kingston). He practices business law with an emphasis on corporate governance, mergers and acquisitions, financing and restructurings, and mining law, policy and communities. Justin also serves as an advisor to the Wintergreen Renewable Energy Co-operative, on the executive of Bedford Mining Alert and as their representative with Mining Watch Canada, on the board of The Kingston Prize Association, which runs Canada’s biennial national portrait competition, and on the board of the Sydenham District Association. He is a member of Kingston Yacht Club, Cataraqui Golf and Country Club, King Valley Golf Club, and The York Club. Justin and his wife, Julia McArthur, reside in Kingston and have a managed forest and recreational property, including a cordwood hut, a mere stone’s throw across Canoe Lake from Wintergreen Studios.

Kristina Inrig

Kristina is a graduate from Carleton University with a BPAPM – Bach. of Public Affairs and Policy Management in Development Studies. She is the President & CEO of Sustainable Foundations Inc, a green real estate investment firm in Eastern Ontario. Her focus is developing green rental properties and providing sustainable investing opportunities. Kristina also provides extensive consultation services in the environmental non-profit sector, and was the past Executive Director of Tucker House Renewal Centre.

Steve Lapp

In 1985 Steve graduated with a Masters in Engineering specializing in solar thermal technologies. Since that time he has worked for several large corporations in researching applications of alternative energy systems. Transit vehicles, fuel cell battery hybrid vehicles, solar photovoltaics and solar cookers, and PV system design in Canada have been his passions for the last 25 years. After developing the Energy Systems Engineering Technologist program at St. Lawrence College in 2005, Steve continues to teach as full time faculty in the program.

Paul McKay

Paul McKay has won Canada’s top award for investigative reporting, feature and business writing several times. He is the author of four published books, including Atomic Accomplice: How Canada Deals in Deadly Deceit. He was the Toronto Star-sponsored Atkinson Fellowship in Public Policy recipient in 1990, and the Pierre Berton writer-in-residence in 2005. His writing has appeared in the Toronto Star, Globe and Mail, Ottawa Citizen, Kingston Whig-Standard, Harrowsmith Magazine, and Maclean’s Magazine. With a special expertise in energy/environment issues, he has also served as a senior policy adviser to the Ontario Minister of Energy; and is a past director of the Ontario Sustainable Energy Association and the Independent Power Producers Society of Ontario.

Roger Peters

Roger Peters is President of the Ottawa Renewable Energy Co-op (OREC) and was responsible for preparing the co-operative’s first share offering statement. He is also a founding board member of the Canadian Renewable Energy Alliance and a volunteer with Ecology Ottawa on local energy efficiency and renewable energy issues. Roger is a professional engineer and has worked in the renewable energy field for over 30 years in Canada and internationally as a consultant, policy analyst, researcher, and writer.